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Replica Tissot PRS

The watch duly arrived, along with a Tissot pen and other goodies including an informative book The Story of a Watch Company published in 2002, as Tissot entered its 150th year. Tissot’s PRS516 range takes design cues from 1960s motorsports. Rather than claiming an association with a specific race or car as others do - with varying credibility - Tissot have reinterpreted the design of their PR516 of 1965, the one with the distinctive, perforated steel bracelet. The ”PR” signifies “Particularly Robust” - a fair description - and the “S” adds “Sport” to today’s versions. Clearly tough watches, then, but also stylishly designed and well-finished.

The Tissot PRS Replica Watch has a commanding presence, being fairly chunky at 42mm in diameter and 12.9mm thick - though these are entirely appropriate dimensions for a modern sports watch. With carbon as its defining theme, it revels in several shades and textures of black - it’s a cool-looking watch!

Replica Tissot PRS

This carbon version has a black PVD-coated steel case, with brushed surfaces and polished edges. The face and bezel feature fine-weave carbon fibre, which displays a kind of intrinsic guillochage. While the shapes of the case, hands, and other details are distinctly vintage, the predominantly black aesthetic and hi-tech materials speak of more recent times. A pleasing mid-blue accent appears in three places: the seconds hand, the “516” identification, and a thin ring under the bezel. Other colours - including red, often associated with speed - appear elsewhere in the PRS516 range.

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